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Foursquare announces the user counts a breakthrough 15 million

04/01/2012 00:50 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Foursquare announces the user counts a breakthrough 15 million

A few days ago, foursquarelouis vuitton outlets announces its user number has increased to 15 million, double grow one year in the past much, among them half user comes from the United States. Nowadays, foursquare already became the Wang Zhe of be worthy of of LBS gregarious network.

However, be in this year in June, foursquare just alleges its user is broken through 10 million. That is to say, in time of half an year, foursquarelouis vuitton outlets stores added 5 million user newly. So frequent user increases rate, is Foursquare how accomplish?

This year in July, announce the user is broken through namely 10 million before long, foursquare began a group to buy business, those who include to apply in its " Explore " integrated Groupon group purchases a service in label, help user discovers the group beside buys information louis vuitton outlets store online in time. Of course, this one act also helps itself " capture " of many new users " fragrant heart " .

At the beginning of August, foursquarelouis vuitton outlets online founds brand page DIY, allow anybody to register brand page, the vermicelli made from bean starch that can give its to go up in Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter is pushed send all sorts of small stick person with sign in information. What the user needs exclusively is the Twitter Zhang name that an attestation uses. Through simplifying program, foursquare lowered admittance threshold, increased to use this platform to be used at sales promotion to publicize the brand measure of the purpose.

Más sobre

September, gregariousauthentic louis vuitton outlets consequence analyses company Klout to begin to bring into Foursquare data the element that analyses gregarious consequence rank. Although the analysis of many person Klout does not rely on chart as a result, but the important grading that still is accepted gregarious media consequence is referenced. The PeopleRank that brings into Foursquare data Klout is algorithmic, increased the brand benefit of Foursquare notlouis vuitton 2012 only, returned gregarious media user to register use this LBS to serve another strong argument.

The user position data of Foursquare is his huge capital fund. Grow as the abidance of user amount, and competitor Gowalla shuts a service to join in Facebook, foursquare is in the arena of LBS domain will bigger louis vuitton outlets and bigger.

Any small achievement are not fall from the day, the backside that Foursquare user grows quickly is the act with a series of orderly plans actually, and home is called " Foursquare chela " by the street, effervescent wait for similar service, whatgucci outlets can be you acquired on the elder body from them?

(Article origin: Lei Feng net)

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