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Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry:

30/01/2012 01:40 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry:

ReportGucci outlets from our correspondent (reporter Liu foreign Liao Ailing) yesterday, high friend net " carry out false door " give new trends again, bulletin of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry sends check " day shuttle is expressed " appraisal result, affirm sample sending check is sham commodity entirely. The part is bought through this net " day shuttle is expressed " netizen, preparation sues high friend net jointly.

Last night, high friend net basically is in charge of person, did not get the response of government of industrial and commercial place.

Qualitative basis had be notted announce

A few days ago, have consumer report, from Gao gucci outlets store Peng the group buys the day shuttle that the net buys to express doubt to be fake, about a hundred netizen that buys this list jointly together thought fors the time being.

Subsequently, whether did high friend net identify watch of shuttle of day of place carry out to be fake first, respond to again after say to will undertake for consumer goods is handled actively retreating (our newspaper reported) on November 3.

Yesterday, bulletin of substation of industrial and commercial rising sun says, lake of solidarity of substation of industrial discounted gucci bags and commercial rising sun is industrial and commercial, suffer consumer to entrust, via high friend net relevant chief agrees, with " day shuttle is expressed " be stationed in Shanghai area to sell a delegate to get in touch, send two among them 5 watch sample examine. Got should selling formal appraisal result of the branch on November 30, affirm the sample that sends check is sham commodity entirely; In the meantime, the book oforiginal gucci bags 3 pieces of accredit that the relevant supplier that collects with respect to door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry supplies made identification along with all the others, eventuate: The department of book of two pieces of accredit of some company forges Tianjin; The accredit book of some company of leather gucci bags additionally one piece of Hong Kong belongs to invalid accredit.

Substation of industrial and commercial rising sun expresses, this case still is at present in investigation, business section is considering to discuss, of short duration does not show processing result and qualitativegucci bags outlet basis external.

Gao Peng expresses to be answered actively

Yesterday, through Gao Peng network group is bought " day shuttle is expressed " the netizen expresses, preparation searchs a lawyer, sue high friend net jointly.

To this, high friend net basically is in charge of person, at present respect of high friend net did not get government of industrial and commercial place replies, but " affirmativedesigner gucci bags meeting cooperates door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, communicate after having a result, announce again " . Say to sue to the netizen, he states meeting actively is answered.

■ lawyer argument

Consumer but times doubler claim for compensation

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